Facebook Page Gives Dreamers an Interview with Speaker of The House John Boehner

A facebook page called Dream Act 2010 created on December 9 of 2009 now with over 86,900 likes gave Luis from Los Angeles, one of the page's administrators, the opportunity to interview Speaker of the House John Boehner about his current stand on the Dream Act, a proposed legislation that would provide undocumented students with a path to citizenship.

Luis submitted a video question to Youtube's World View, a series of monthly interviews with the world's most foremost leaders hosted by Youtube, where the highest voted questions are presented to the series' guests. This month World View's guest was Speaker of the House John Boehner and thanks to the many members of the Dream Act 2010 facebook page, who voted for Luis' video, Luis was presented to the Speaker of the house as the #1 video question of the interview as you can see below starting on minute 08:40.

The speaker's answer may not have been one that the undocumented youth wanted to hear, but at least made it loud and clear with the Speaker that the Dream is still alive and that is a high priority.

As the fight of the undocumented youth continues, social media efforts that can successfully centralize the power of a movement will give Dreamers like Luis the opportunity to take their voices to new heights so If you haven't joined yet, I invite you to check the Dream Act 2010 facebook page. Give ("Like") this online microphone some more juice on support of the many Dreams on hold that need your support. Together we're powerful.